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The last bike Sunday of this year was full of radiance. As always, our Rich City Rides members come to the shop at 9 a.m. for an adventurous travel to any given point in the Bay Area, then end the ride by returning back to the shop at 1 p.m.  The average distance of these rides tends to hover around the 15-20 mile range. For this ride, we clearly had a lot of fun, and fortunately the weather was nearly perfect.


This ride was dedicated to the annual Winter Solstice. On this day, December 21st, 2016, the astronomical start of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, is the day that has the least amount of sunlight and the holds the longest night of the entire year. So with this in mind, we rode around Central Richmond neighborhoods near the shop just to enjoy all the holiday lights that shined their brightest on this beautiful dark night.


This event was named “Red, Bike, and Green” where an all black group of bikers ride

the streets of Oakland, California. Our purpose is not to express hate towards anyone

but only to show our love for our own race. We ride for those who have lost their lives

simply for being black. Many hate us, but this event is a perfect example of how we take

that hate and use it as motivation to keep pushing forward for our people.

For this Self Care Sunday Rides we collaborated with Nancy Coombs’s Cycle of

Richmond to gather a number of riders to meet up at Burg Park at 10am on Sundays

to have a healthy, community-driven adventure!

This event was held on Fathers Day as a calm and collective bike ride that all were

welcome to join and it’s purpose was to show appreciation and bring something

positive forth to the fathers out there who actually are proud to be fathers. 

The 5th Annual Rich City Ride of Silence. Rich City Rides remixed the National

event to address local issues.

The Rich City Rides monthly park clean up with Bike Smoothies, Ride a Bike

Lessons, Sign Making and a lil people’s Chalk Art project! Many thanks to Cesar

Zepeda for throwing in for supplies for the clean up day in a major way! Much love

to Janice Haugan of the Richmond Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee for

leading the Sign Making activity and championing the Trail Safety task force! Thank

you Najari Smith, Executive Director of Rich City Rides, for providing bicycle riding

lessons and assisting with our activities. Thank you Rose of Rosemary’s Kitchen for

providing Bike Smoothies and to Richmond Convention & Visitors Bureau for

sponsoring today’s activities!

Post Bike Challenge Sign up Ride! After logging in our miles from this past week

we left the Rich City Rides Bike Club merged with the Dope Sauce Bike Club and

the Richmond High Bike Club to ride out to the East Bay Bike Party for fun Friday

night ride.