Mission, Vision and Objectives

 OUR MISSION is to: 1) create opportunities for the most vulnerable members of society by using cycling to improve health, economic stability, and individual and collective capacity; 2) increase cycling among all community members; and 3) promote cycling as a social, sustainable, and green mode of transportation.

WE ENVISION Rich City Rides as the hub, nest, and incubator for residents using bikes for their transportation and, in turn, receiving the health and economic benefits created by active exercise and by the social, human-to-human connections which cycling provides.  We envision Richmond as a world-renowned cycling destination known for 1) its ease-of-ride streets and neighborhoods; 2) its bike-friendly residents who initiate, organize, and participate in an abundance of bicycling activities; and 3) its worker- and community-owned network of bicycle-influenced businesses, owned and operated by people from historically marginalized families.

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We target five key and complementary areas to accomplish our bold vision: Community Engagement, Bicycle Advocacy, Bicycle Social Rides, Skill-building, and the Bicycle Shop. All five areas are critical to accomplishing our vision.  Throughout each area we will sustain consistent focus on health; provide access to Rich City Rides resources and those of the wider Bay Area bicycle community; and support transportation equity and equality.