Earn-A-Bike Program

In the Youth Earn-A-Bike Apprentice program youth work on projects in teams, developing face-to-face familiarity with each other and engage in special family bicycle tours that grant special prizes for youth members who bring their parents on rides.

Something beautiful happens every time we host an EAB workshop. The youth focused workshops draw in children of all ages each working in groups at their own pace and skill level to complete projects. We work on bikes together and children are directed to work on each others bikes in teams rather than alone, creating opportunities for them to experience teamwork, develop communication skills and build camaraderie that continues to grow over time and that they take with them beyond the bike shop. Youth earn a bicycle by giving their time and attention to the program. Productive time spent in the program is exchanged for bicycles, but before a bike can be earned, the Jr. Apprentice must first earn a helmet, set of lights and a lock. During their time earning this equipment they are taught and encouraged to properly use the safety equipment and are required to bring it with them to each workshop. To encourage and support our Intergenerational Family Initiative we reward additional time points to participants who introduce new kids to the program and even more is given for bringing parents and family members.

Youth and Family Social Rides
Family Social Rides are just as important to the EAB program as the Bicycle Repair workshops. On the Youth and Family Social Rides, youth have the opportunity to earn additional time points for engaging in healthy group activity while learning the basic rules of the road and how to properly use safety equipment. Children are required to wear helmets and extra time points are gifted to youth who bring family members and friends to join the ride. Rich City Rides provides bikes and safety equipment to all who need them with the caveat that they must stay till the end of the ride.

Our highly successful Social Rides have directly engaged over 2,736 community members and include trips through Richmond Greenway bike trail, the neighboring Ohlone Greenway bike trail, the Richmond Marina Bay Trail, and will feature trip to and through new projects like the John F. Kennedy Park Pump Track and the Richmond Wellness Trail to promote healthy activity as alternative medicine. We also host guided family Mountain Biking trips twice a month.

Our powerful Earn-a-Bike Program teaches children how to work together to build, collaborate and ride further. In our EAB Program we build more than just bikes, we build mechanic skills, self-confidence and friendships. This transformative program only exists because of the generous support from people like you –