Bike Valet Service

Offering Bike Valet alleviates traffic congestion, encourages people to ride their bikeĀ and allows hundreds more people to attend your event.

Cycling is a low cost efficient method of travel that whole family can take part in but with no where to effectively park their bikes most will drive a car, taking up valuable parking space and adding more cars to weekend traffic jams. Work with us to provide bike valet for you community event.

“The last time a came to this event it took me 30 minutes just to find parking” Alford Scott a guest enjoying the Richmond July 3rd Event

Rich City Rides offers several ways to provide your event with bike parking.

To schedule service for an event please email:

Full Serve Bike Valet Service
$1200 Full Day over 5hrs
$600 Half Day 4hrs

Bike Rack Rental
$20 before 5pm
$40 after 6pm

Pick Up
$20 after 10am
$40 before as early as 6am

Set Up $2 per rack (only with drop-off services)
Strike $2 per rack (only with pick-up)

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