Advisory Board

Marilyn Langlois

Marilyn has been an active community member in Richmond for over sixty years. She co-founded the Richmond Progressive Alliance 14 years ago, in 2003, and currently works as their coordinator. She also co-founded the Richmond BPAC (Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee). Marilyn is currently a member of the Richmond Planning Commission. She is a skilled organizer for improving transportation access and working with community groups in Richmond.

“I encourage everyone I can to get on their bikes as often as possible. It’s good for your health, your environment, your finances, and it’s fun!”

Larry Lewis

Larry is a true product of Richmond. He has been a police officer for thirty-three years and the executive director of RPAL (Richmond Police Activities League) for over 20 years. His skills are vested, particularly, in the need to develop the children of Richmond into well-rounded young men and women.

“I am committed to and want to use all of our services in Richmond to enrich the youth.”


Jeanne Kortz

Jeanne has been a member of the Missing Link for twenty years. She has some of the best managerial skills and handles all elements of running an efficient bike shop. She loves what Rich City Rides is doing for the community. She is enthusiastic about introducing our youth to the healthy lifestyle that comes with commuting by bicycle, and strongly believes in all of the positive impacts it has on the environment.

“We care a lot about the bike community, and biking is just better for the planet.”

phone: +1(510)292-0742


Dave Campbell

Dave first moved to Berkeley in 1996. He found it easy to walk and bike around; it seemed much more natural to get around that way. Shortly after he came to Berkeley, he got involved with Bike Coalition in the city. He started out as a volunteer, then became a Board member, then became the President of the Board. He helped with fundraising for the organization and eventually became a paid employee. He subsequently became a full-time Advocacy Director of Bike East Bay, a position he’s filled for over 20 years. Dave finally got rid of his car in 2003!


text: +1 (510) 701-5971

Najari Smith

Najari Smith, founder and executive director of Rich City Rides, was born in Brooklyn, New York. He came to the city of Richmond in 2010. Ever since then, he has been a committed member of the Richmond BPAC (Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee), and is a former committee chair. Getting involved with biking, encouraging others to get involved with biking, and working with the City of Richmond to improve bike infrastructure are most important to him.

Najari believes bicycles can be used as a tool to unite neighborhood youth and families through active healthy collaborative activity. Ever since he came to Richmond, Najari has used Rich City Rides to develop various things like community bike repair workshops, and some of the biggest bicycle celebrations the city has ever had. These events make the city of Richmond noticeable to the rest of the Bay Area while increasing the pride of it’s own residents.

“I just want my people to be happy, healthy, and interconnected.”


Doria Robinson

Doria Robinson, the executive director of Urban Tilth and active member of the Richmond BPAC (Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee) is a 3rd generation resident of Richmond, and is focused on improving it’s culture and infrastructure. She wants to make biking an alternative option for people, and she wants it to serve as a great way for them to spend their time rather than just growing old to be cripple and bored.

Doria believes that biking is entirely healthy, even in old age, and she loves what we are doing here at Rich City Rides by making it more of a norm for all types of people to engage in biking. Often times, she would look around and see many people around her age, especially people of color, that live such sedentary lives instead of being active. Doria herself has proven that there is no excuse for living with disease and decrepidness. She believes biking is a great way to prevent those problems.

“I ride to improve the quality of my life and my health, but I also hope to make it easier for various types of people to enjoy all the benefits of biking.”