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Organizational overview                                                             Cover Photo: Josue Hernandez

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Lights and Life: Winter Solstice Ride, December 21st

View mini-film of last year’s Solstice Ride!

Founded in August of 2012, Rich City Rides (RCR), helps make Richmond a healthier city where our youth and families thrive.

Rich City Rides understands that sedentary lifestyles lead to debilitating, devastating and preventable chronic illnesses that plague our community with obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and depression.  We have worked tirelessly to combat these preventable slow-death sentences by daring to redefine physical activity as cool, and by reconnecting disconnected neighborhoods instead of encouraging divisions.

The cure for an anti-social sedentary lifestyle is to get out and ride! Have pride in yourself and the strengths of your community. Meet people, see new places, and learn how things work so you too can create the changes you need to thrive in this world.


Rich City Rides is a fiscally sponsored project of Urban Tilth.


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