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April 29th “Day By the Bay” Registration

A daylong family camp at Point Pinole Regional Park, with planned outdoor activities and education led by park naturalists from the East Bay Regional Parks District. Registration required, limited to 35 participants!

Questions? Contact Paul: paul.ehara@gmail.com | (510) 932-4095

Founded in August of 2012, Rich City Rides (RCR), has helped make Richmond a healthier city where our youth and families thrive.

Rich City Rides understands that sedentary lifestyles lead to debilitating, devastating and preventable chronic illnesses that plague our community with obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and depression and we have worked tirelessly to combat these preventable slow death sentences by daring to redefine physical activity as cool and reconnecting disconnected neighborhoods, instead of encouraging divisions. The cure for anti-social sedentary lifestyle is to get out and ride! Have pride in yourself and the strengths of your community, meet people, see new places and learn how things work so you too can create the changes you need to thrive in this world.

As an organization led by four young black men who live or have grown up in Richmond, we are utterly committed to helping our youth find the leader within themselves. By building real skills through our Earn a Bike Bike Mechanics Program, and by creating health, wellness, physical conditioning, nutrition and camaraderie through our weekly Self Care Sunday Rides and monthly and annual Special Ride Events, RCR helps our youth build their inner strength and outer strength while celebrating and activating their neighborhoods. Youth help with project planning and civic engagement through our bicycle infrastructure advocacy projects that also contribute to making riding a bike safer and more accessible for all Richmond residents.

Although our primary demographic is youth, RCR programs and activities gather people of all ages in fun, healthy activities that emphasize positive, collaborative outdoor social activity over screen time, competition and inactivity. Since the inception of the organization, RCR has hosted over 250 social rides gathering nearly 3,500 participants. We have visited over 40 city, county, and regional parks introducing our riders to the assets our community has; increasing their sense of civic and personal pride. We have hosted 280 bike clinics and repair workshops serving over 1100 community members and rescued over 700 bikes from a fate at the local landfill, redirecting them back into the community.

Two days a week, 2 hours a day, the Earn a Bike Program turns the RCR bike shop into a living lab where neighborhood kids can come and learn basic bicycle maintenance. The more skills each youth learns, the more hours they earn – these hours can be used to Earn a Bike of their choosing while learning how a bike works. The EAB program has served 379 youth and provided 311 bikes, helmets and lights.

In addition to our youth and family programs for the past four years, RCR has hosted monthly park cleanups at their adopt-a-spot on the Richmond Greenway.
Rich City Rides is dedicated to building the capacity of youth to lead in making Richmond a healthier and more sustainable city. Our approach has been to fully utilize every possible benefit that bicycles bring and share them with our community. We know that we ride stronger when we ride together and are committed to ensuring that no one is left out of this movement.

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Rich City Rides Community Shop
1500 Macdonald Ave. • RICHMOND, California 94801
Mon. – Fri. 12pm – 5pm | Sat. 12pm – 5pm
Telephone: 1.510.900.1799

Our programs consist of

  • Rich City Rides Community Shop Project
  • Earn-A-Bike Program
  • Commuter Cyclist Program
  • Bicycle Repair Workshop Program
  • Social Rides

last updated 01/01/2017

  • Social Rides: 254
  • Social Ride Guests: 3436
  • Bike Clinics/Fixins/Workshops: 280
  • Work Shop Participants: 1168
  • Earn A Bike Participants: 379
  • Commuter Cyclist Participants: 267
  • Bikes provided to EAB and CC Participants: 478
  • Missing Bikes Recovered: 28
  • Bikes rescued from a fate at the local landfill: 713

Operated and Staffed by

  • 70% African American – 10% Hispanic – 10% Asian – 10% Caucasian

Advisory Board consist of

  • 70% POC
  • 80% Richmond Residents
  • 100% Cyclists

Rich City Rides is a fiscally sponsored project of Urban Tilth.


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